A Sensory System for Buildings and Cities

4.6cm 1.8" The Node - 7.4cm / 2.9"
1.1cm 0.4"
4.6cm 1.8" The Gateway - 9.5cm / 3.7"
2.1cm 0.8"

Meet The Senseware System

Three basic components to create your perfect smart environment quickly and with a small footprint. Let’s start collecting data that matter.

Just Plug and Play

Monitoring and maintaining your critical infrastructure has never been so easy. With Senseware, decide what you need to monitor, be it air quality, energy consumption, water consumption, or building equipment and plug the corresponding sensor to the Senseware Node. Feel creative? Excellent. Senseware universal sensor interface allows you to pick any third-party sensor and plug it into the system without the need to reconfigure the existing infrastructure.

Send to the Cloud & Expand

No more running long cables to send your monitored data to where it can be viewed and analyzed. Senseware sends data from the Nodes wirelessly (no WiFi necessary) to the Senseware Gateway and from there to the cloud. You will be instantly up and running and ready to expand…wirelessly!

Senseware Personalized Dashboard

Visualize and analyze data in real-time from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Want to use your own dashboard? No problem. Senseware will send the data directly to you.

Senseware System Status

Keep a pulse on the health of your Senseware infrastructure. Get notified immediately via text or email when the system needs attention.

Senseware for Green Buildings

Going for LEED or Energy Star Certifications? Want to make your building more environmentally-friendly? Start using Senseware to get you there faster, more easily, and more affordably.

Senseware for High Performing Buildings

Does your building engineer need to travel from site to site just to check how the building devices and equipment are running? Start using Senseware to check the status of your critical equipment in the electrical room, boiler room, and chiller remotely and only travel to the site when maintenance is needed. Try Senseware for homes and get notified when you need to change your HVAC filter or turn off the water to avoid pipe freeze.

Senseware for Intelligent Buildings & Cities

Want your surroundings to react to your presence, or trigger an emergency response when needed? You need Senseware to keep tabs on what is happening in support of your intelligent space systems.

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